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PostSubject: Dyslexsick sez...   Dyslexsick sez... EmptyMon Apr 12, 2010 3:31 am

Triple /// is back hoes. WATCH OUT.

-Bi0 is back too : )

I don't give a kcuf like the F word reversed.

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Dyslexsick sez... Dyslexsick
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PostSubject: Re: Dyslexsick sez...   Dyslexsick sez... EmptySun Apr 18, 2010 12:25 am

I think I'm gonna have to drop guys, graduating high school and I spend most of my free time working nowadays, and it'll only keep growing in that direction for quite some time.

I can't commit to anything for the clan, and to be honest I like not belonging to one. It's been fun, had some fun scrims and fun times with you guys, but I doubt I'll be playing many video games any more.

Sorry guys. I've gotta quit.

I'll still be more than happy to play with you cats when I get online, though.

Take it easy guys, and good luck.
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Dyslexsick sez...
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