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 application - knotgut

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PostSubject: application - knotgut   application - knotgut EmptyTue Mar 09, 2010 2:45 pm

Hi all, knot here

Hmm, lets see, something about myself

I've been playing iD games since original wolfenstein/doom. I'd say my best game was q2 (lmctf/ra2/QPONG!) ... I played some ut99 and then took a long break from FPS games until last year. I've been playing ql since the days of 'queue live' and enjoy it a bunch.

BioSho and gnnr will of course remember me from clan 1DM. Big D-Y-S and BioSho both were instrumental in getting my ass to finally register here.

My first love is CTF, but I play more CA because pub CTF is a wasteland. Would love to find a /// CTF scrim or start organizing them if they don't already exist.


Does /// have a set practice/scrim day/time? What is the breakdown of CA vs CTF in ///?

Do we want to do ladders or other clan challenges?

Thanks for the consideration
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PostSubject: Re: application - knotgut   application - knotgut EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 1:18 am

We've done scrims, and are still
working on becoming organized.
Open to any kind of initiative one
wants to take as long as we mention
it first on here

Word, Knotgut has been around awhile.

I'm for this application because I have played
with him personally and I know we need to do
whatever we can to get more active Smile.

Only thing is Knot: promise to be a little more
confident about your talent and I know when you
believe in your skills you can play amazing.
Also ya know try to bring respect to the name. Smile

Hit me up sometime if you want to lan, or might still
need that new gfx card.

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PostSubject: Re: application - knotgut   application - knotgut EmptyThu Mar 11, 2010 1:51 am

knot! ur cool dude and i know u can play really well. But as gnnr said, just relax mna, its game, u gotta lose sometimes, but if u can accept that, i promise you'll play a lot better! Your on dude, tag up and respresent Smile and add fellow clan members.

application - knotgut Biok
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PostSubject: Re: application - knotgut   application - knotgut Empty

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application - knotgut
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