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 Ultimate Gaming League :: Grand Opening ::

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Ultimate Gaming League :: Grand Opening :: Empty
PostSubject: Ultimate Gaming League :: Grand Opening ::   Ultimate Gaming League :: Grand Opening :: EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 11:23 pm

We would like to take a moment to introduce the league first of all.

Who are we?

UGL will consist of 2 divisions
- Division 1 = Online League
- Division 2 = LAN League

How will this work?
- When you sign up for the site you sign up as a member, Then sign into a tourney that you would like to partake in. Once the date has reached for the tourney to start you are in charge of finding your first match, After your first match is played you go to our IRC channel located @ GameSurge #UGL.ql and contact a admin with the game results, You then sit and wait for the admin to tell you to either wait till the other match is done or he/she will indicate to you who you will play in the next round. ** Do note all rounds have a 15 min interval if your match does not start within the 15 time period there will be a declaration of a forfeit if you are the person that is being waited on.

- When you are at a LAN event all the same rules apply minus the online irc usage instead there will be a designated area to report match results.

For our first event we will be hosting a DUEL Tourney as our GRAND OPENING.
The event info can be found at http://ultimategamingleague.net along with what the prizes will be awarded and such forth.

We hope to see everyone that can make it and if not see you when you do make it.

Future events: Freeze Tag, CTF, ICTF, 2v2 TDM and MUCH MORE!!

Thanks for reading,
* UGL Staff *

- Site Admin
- In-game Referee's
- Tourney League Admin
- Article Writers
- ShoutCasters
- LAN Event Staff * expenses paid * excluding adult drinks
- Public Relations Staff
- Forum Admins
and more as we may need them.

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Ultimate Gaming League :: Grand Opening ::
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