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PostSubject: Lochdog's App   Lochdog's App EmptyThu Aug 05, 2010 10:54 am

Hey guys,

Been a while I've been playing with some of you regulars, so I thought I'd fill one of these out!

QL is currently the only game I play as you really don't need anything else, and my PC is a little on the old side so I can't play anything else anyways farao

If I'm not at work or riding / working on my bike (my main hobby) I'm in Quake Live. I average about 20 hours played per week, if that gives you a better idea of my availability.

I am in the PST time zone, and usually found lurking in any Seattle, Chicago, LA, or San Fransisco CA server. I was a big CTF nut back in the day but I would say 95% of my play time is now CA.

Dys has been talking recently about getting more dedicated members, ones with Vent and who wish to have better lines of communication, so here I am.

If you have any other questions let me know,
Mark (Lochdog)
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