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PostSubject: Useful information   Useful information EmptyTue Jul 06, 2010 8:08 pm

Now I'm pretty dang new to Quake live as most of you may know, but I've been having to learn a lot of things about QL besides aiming and junk. These things being commands and other things. Now to be useful I'll post some of that basic knowledge here so that maybe someone else can benefit from it.

Note: All of these are for use in the console. Which if you don't know how to open is using CTRL+ALT+~ (but you should probably make it so that you can open this puppy up with just the ~ key. You can do so in advanced options of the game menu. )

First of all If your joining /// Then the join and quit clan commands would be useful yeah?

/clan ClanName
and of course since your probably going to join /// the command would be the following:

/clan ^1/^5/^6/ ( The ^ mark changes the color of whatever text you want. All you have to do is add 1-9 after it to specify said color.)

Which if done correctly your name will now show: /// YourNameHere

Now with that said if you want to take down your Clan tag for whatever reason or want to quit ///, whatever then you'll use the following code:

/Clan ""

For changing your name we have this

Now if you want to make your name more colorful use the previous ^ variable to chose a color(s) of your choice to color your name.

/name YourNameHere

Example: /name ^3Howl Which comes out as Howl in game. Note that the name has to match your account name.

Binding keys and text.

You will find that many players can instantly change their name or say a colored phrase. This is because they have bound said phrase to a key of their choice and You can do so as such:

/bind KeyOfYourChoice say Whatever You want to say you can put here

Example: /bind P say ^4 Don't sweat it, that shot was luck. Which comes out as: Don't sweat it, that shot was luck. In game whenever I press the P key.

You can also use this to Auto change your name as I mentioned before, its roughly the same but instead of using the "Say" command we are going to use the name one:

/bind KeyOfYourChoice Name YourNameHere

Example: /bind L Name ^6Howl Which will come out to me changing my name to Howl when I press the L Key.

That's all for now, I may post some more later. Other users are welcome to post their useful commands or info as well. Smile
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Useful information
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